SOC 302 Miami University Firm Review Essay

In this course we are going to watch two or three film/videos to illustrate the
concepts, theories, and ideas that we are addressing. As a result, I am requiring you to write two reviews
during this course. The specific purpose of these reviews is to assess your ability to apply information from
film/videos to other relevant course material. Subsequently, these film/video reviews require you to
discuss, in writing, how the information presented in the video connects with other course material (i.e.,
readings & lectures). It is essential that in writing your film/video reviews you explicitly connect the
material in the film/video with other relevant course content. Your film/video review should be more than a
summary of what you watched, you are required to discuss how material presented in the film/video
specifically connects to the material we are covering, or have covered, in the course. In other words,
explicitly explore and discuss the links between the film/video and other course materials (i.e., readings&
lectures). Film/Video reviews are to be typed, double spaced, and no more than two pages. Be sure to
include the film/video title at the beginning of the review. Film/Video reviews are due the class period after
the video is shown. Late video reviews will not be accepted.

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