SOC 383 Social Deviance


This week’s lecture videos are as follows:

(1) What is deviance?

(2) Social control:

(3) PBS short documentary on deviance & social control:

The first response paper assignment:

First, watch the film: Winter’s Bone:

After watching the movie, write a response paper (1) to identify five instances of deviance in the movie. When you discuss an instance of deviant behavior, make sure you address the three basic aspects of deviance: “who” is deviant, “what” is viewed as deviant, and “where/when” (in what contexts, situations, culture, etc.) does this instance occur; (2) to identify three agents (people, groups, organizations) of social control.


This week’s lectures are as follows:



The assignment is writing a review of an academic journal article–“Even my sister says I’m acting like a crazy to get a check”: Race, gender, and moral boundary-work in women’s claims of disabling chronic pain (Pryma 2017). 

This article can be found in this folder (along with other class readings):

In your review, answer the following questions:

(1) What is the research question(s) addressed in the article?

(2) What are the key theories and concepts that this article speaks to and uses?

(3) What research method does the author use?

(4) What is the main finding(s) of the article?

(5) Although the article doesn’t use the term “deviance,” it is definitely a study of social deviance. So, how does this article relate to social deviance? What is the deviant behavior(s) that this article is concerned with? What role does boundary-making play in this case?

In your review, please do not use block quotes taken from the article. Instead, use your own words to answer the questions above and write the review. 

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