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By now, you should be well versed in social theory and how theorists reflect the voices of those they research and that they highlight the problems seen in society. Many of those voices come from social groups based on identity such as gender, race, sexuality, or culture. However, identity can be so much more than that for two key reasons: 1) we are unique individuals, and 2) we are shaped and influenced by not only the social norms of our society, but also the societal messages from our peers and the media. So, how do we know “our selves” and what our identity is? The theorists in this last week of the course help us to try and answer these questions. In Section Five of Social Theory Re-Wired – “Rise of the Avatar: Connecting Self and Society” – you are offered several classical and contemporary readings. Choose one of the readings in this section as the basis of your two- to three-page journal paper. The purpose of the journal paper is to allow you to personally reflect on and present your experience of the reading.

In your journal paper, reflect on and present the following:

What do you think the reading tells us about society in general and social identity in particular?

What two to three points made by the social theorist did you find most interesting?

In your own experience of living in society, can you relate to the points made by the theorist in your chosen reading?

  • How has the reading on the work of this theorist changed your perspective on social identity and society’s impact upon it?
  • How has the reading enhanced your future experience of society and your study of Sociology?
  • The topic is on The Stranger by George Simmel
  • Georg Simmel”
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