social justice powerpoint presentation


The purpose of this exercise is to help you develop and hone your persuasive and oral communication skills with a specific audience by taking a position on a social justice issue.


You are expected to prepare a powerpoint presentation based on a macro-level social justice issue that affects Latin@s in the US and synthesize your information around the guidelines below. The emphasis of the presentation will be on your recommendations for change. Students must discuss their impact of their social justice issue on the Latin@ community.

There are two parts to this assignment:


Peer Review

Part A – Presentation

You are expected to prepare a 5-7 minute powerpoint presentation. Prepare the presentation and supporting materials as if you are presenting to a federal, state, local, or non-profit funding committee or community action group. You are attempting to convince the committee of the impact of the social justice issue and to take action on your recommendations about how the social justice issue can be addressed. You will have no more than 7 minutes to present the powerpoint information. Provide professional handouts and make sure you put on the slide which handout you will be providing and what it is.

Areas to Address

The following areas are to be addressed in the presentation:

Briefly describe the social justice issue and the current policy or program (provide enough background so the committee can evaluate your proposed changes).

Give your recommendations for changing, enhancing, or improving policies or programs

that address your social justice issue (this should be the major focus of your presentation).Your recommendations must be supported by both research and theory.

Provide a political assessment of your proposal (who will support it, who will oppose it, how viable is it?)

Tell the committee how much your changes will cost (consider why they should fund your program over others, is it a good investment, where will they get the money).

Professional Handouts:

There will be two handouts you will provide your ‘audience’:

Your PowerPoint presentation with a reference list. The list needs to include important research documents that supported the presentation and websites that provide additional information about the policy or program.

A one page professional looking handout for all members of your audience. In creating the handout, consider what information will strengthen your presentation.

-What would you want the audience to walk away knowing?

-What do they need to be able to grasp quickly?

-How can you quickly grab their attention?

You may want to create an infographic as a professional handout. In the week’s Objectives, Readings, and Resources there are two websites you can review on how these differ from a traditional handout.

Infographic Resources

Below are links to informative websites and tools for infographics.

Explanation of Infographics is here:

Various resources for creating them are here:


Your presentation must contain at least five references from the research literature in addition to web sites or other resource material.

All references MUST be scholarly and selected from peer-reviewed journals.

You will need to conduct a review of the literature.

All references are to be in APA format.

Some questions or ideas to consider in preparing your presentation:

What is the social justice issue to choose? Be sure this issue is relevant to Latin@s and social work.

Why did you select this particular issue? Be sure to address this question as it relates to Latin@s, social justice, and social systems. You must be able to tie all these components together.

What current research findings are relevant to this issue? Present these in enough detail that the audience knows that you understand the findings and how they were reached.

What is/are the macro-level system(s) affecting this issue?

What are the ethical implications that affect the issue? What research addresses these ethical implications?

What research addresses these social justice implications?

Using the various theoretical perspectives and macro practice interventions, discuss how the social justice issue can be addressed? Here, you can look to theories learned in HBSE courses.

What types of policies are embedded in this particular issue? Use citation that supports these policies.

How do policies impact the Latin@ population? Be sure to address the spheres of social work practice as well as service provision.