). Social media and ethics of college students

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You are required to conduct light research on one of the topics below, or a topic of your own choosing and present a well-written, college appropriate, referenced FINAL ESSAY PAPER. topics to use-

1). Social media and ethics of college students

2). Environmental influences of social media use and integrity

3). Verification, transparency, accuracy, and news agenda-setting for young journalists

4). The contemporary field of journalism – Accuracy, objectivity, balance, transparency

5). Social Media – public space versus private space, and gatekeeping and agenda-setting.

6). Codes of conduct for social media and online media use in news reporting

7). Public responsibility, law and regulations, professional responsibility, nature of online and social media, and marketing and business.

8). Global opportunity to engage many cultures

9) The Media and the use by politicians

10). How we disseminate information in an age of inappropriateness

11). Media use – To distinguish reliable information from unreliable information

12). Fraud and Social Media – the use of other’s intellectual property and copyright as your own.

13). Consider the age, cultural, intellectual and moral level of the Social Media User.

14). The twentieth first century and a lack of control in the social media,

15). Piracy and hacking, networks viruses, destructive computer programs,