social needs of federal government using acquired needs theory

must over 500 characters

this assignment is actually part of one assignment about social needs of Canada and this part must be incorporated with acquired needs theory.

Also, this part is encouraged to concepts about field of communication. For example,

  1. Instrumental Goals/ Practical Goals – Career success is a prime example such as getting a job in the federal government.
  2. Channel of communication (verbal, nonverbal, etc.)
  3. Communicator (Sender/receiver)
  4. Medium (face-to-face, television, web, phone, etc.) X
  5. Effective basic communication skills

These are just ideas of interpersonal communication concepts i was thinking of, so maybe you guys can come up with some too.

  1. Feedback
  2. Message (request, suggestion, idea, etc)
  3. Encoding (words, symbol, gestures, graph, drawings, etc.)

some hints about social needs (Social needs: Besides helping to define who we are, communication also satisfies a whole range of social needs that include pleasure, affection, companionship, escape, relaxation, and control. (Adler, 12/2016) Concepts – how your social interactions affect your self- concept Primary emotions, mixed emotions, social comparison process, )