crij 4356 law and society exam 4

1. CHAPTER 9 (10 Points)

With issues such as whether sexual and violent materials are offensive, who should ultimately decide? Does it make sense to let the law decide such an issue for the community? Could any problems arise is each community made its own laws based on its values?

  1. CHAPTER 9 (10points)Discuss the power behind the language of the law. How do legal professionals have an advantage over lay people, especially in the courtroom?
  2. CHAPTER 10 (10 points)Why does it seem that domestic violence and rape, two of the most violent acts known to exist (usually against women), are among the hardest for our legal system to control? Would the laws be any different, or the reforms of greater significance, if men were the primary targets of violence.
  3. CHAPTER 10 (10 points)Why don’t laws seem to deter drug users? Would legalization of at least marijuana be a step in the right direction in our “War on Drugs?” Would an emphasis on education and treatment programs, rather than an emphasis on criminal justice system response, make more of a difference? Explain.
  4. JUST MERCY (60 points)Write a review of Just Mercy for The New York Times Book Review. What strengths and potential weaknesses did you find in this book? Would you recommend it to others? What suggestions would you make for inclusion/deletion in the second edition?