Part 1

Introduction     Describe and analyze the process of socialization. For this option, you will analyze the process of socialization in a fictional character. Select a character in a book, a movie, or a television show (it should be a character that is central to the story). 

First, provide a brief description of the selected character. In your description, make sure to incorporate the concepts we have addressed in the course, such as the roles, statuses, and group memberships of the character. Also make sure to identify the movie, show, etc. that you are describing. This portion should be at least 1+ page in length. 

Part 2
Agents of Socialization   Next, analyze at least 4 agents of socialization that have seemingly impacted the development of the character (such as family, religion, education, peers, or the media). Describe the socializing agents and analyze what seems to be the impact of those agents on the selected character. 

Your analysis of the process of socialization should be an additional 3+ pages in length and incorporate at least 4 additional sociological concepts or theories covered in this course (hint: sociological concepts should be clearly identified (defined) and then applied. 

Be sure to end college papers with a Conclusion which briefly summarizes the topic of the paper.

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