Sociological Perspectives Structural Functionalist Discussion

For this reason, make sure to clearly label your response with the chapter and question you are referring to. You must answer all the questions below for each one for full points. 




“1. First response…”

“2. Second response…”

“3. Third response…”


“1. First response…”

“2. Second response…”

“3. Third response…”

Make sure you’ve read chapter 1 & 3 and reviewed external videos and materials on theoretical perspectives before submitting your discussion post. We will be analyzing every topic through the lens of these three perspectives (functionalism, symbolic interactionism, and conflict theory), so make sure you have a strong understanding of each of them, and ask questions if you need clarification.

Now that you’ve learned about what C. Wright Mills calls the Sociological Imagination, let’s practice trying to see a person’s behavior and experience through a wider lens and try to view things through different perspectives. My #1 goal in this class is to teach you to think critically – to not take things at face value and let your own biases impact your understanding of society around you, but understand why people do the things they do, what societal factors impact their actions, what the consequences are for different people, who benefits and who suffers from certain things, how institutions perpetuate inequalities, and think about the best ways to fix the problems and create a more equitable society.

For your Initial Post due by FRIDAY at 11:59pm

You must answer for both Chapter 1 and Chapter 3. 


TOPIC: Suppose you are a Sociologist driving through downtown LA and you see a group of construction workers protesting outside of a large corporate building. They are blocking part of the street and there is a lot of traffic caused because of it. Their signs read “Boycott this company,” “We deserve fair wages,” and “Construction workers deserve lunch breaks.” You gather that they are protesting unfair labor practices of the large corporate building that they are building. 

1. Put yourself in the shoes of Sociologists from the 3 Sociological Perspectives: Structural Functionalist, Conflict Theorist, and Symbolic Interactionist and analyze the situation in Downtown LA through the lens of the 3 perspectives.

Hint – Think of the following as you write your response.

What would the Sociologist mostly be interested in understanding from the situation?

What would they say is the reason that this is happening?

What solutions would they propose?

What would they care about most?


TOPIC: Let’s say an alien were to land on Earth, specifically Los Angeles, shapeshift into a human, and attempt to fit into everyday life without anyone realizing they’re an alien. 

1. Even if the alien looked completely human, how would you know that they’re not human? (Think of the cultural norms we have in Los Angeles).

2. How would the alien feel adjusting to LA culture? What kind of challenges will they face? (think of what you learned in Chapter 3). 

3. Suppose you find out the alien is not human, but instead of telling everyone, you decide to help them fit in so they can stay on Earth. What are some material and non-material culture in LA that you will teach them about?

*NOTE: Structure your response in a way that is very easy to read – example: three paragraphs, one for each perspective. Use bullet points or numbers to help illustrate all of your points. No need to write like you would in an essay. Reminder to clearly state which Chapter response you are answering. 

For your Response to at least 3 classmates due SUNDAY at 11:59pm

Ask for clarification (that is, ask questions) if needed.

Comment on anything you agree or disagree with, or something you found particularly interesting about their response.

Provide any additional media, articles, ideas, links that you might have come across that relates to their post

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