Sociology Homophobia and Racism & Societal Restructuring Discussions

Discussion Question week 4: 

On Hegel’s Master/Slave Dialectic and Marx’s Dialectical Materialism.

Using yourself as the subject, as a Kingsborough student versus a Harvard student, how would you explain the Master/Slave Dialectic and the Dialectical Materialism? 

Discussion Question week 5:

Make a brief statement showing the similar patterns or racism and homophobia by using marriage equality as the example. Show how Racism and Homophobia use the same pattern of “power” in order to police people. Show how the Life Chances. 

Discussion Question Week 6 

Gender & Intersex:  Think about this: if the documentation of Sex at birth was corrected to account for intersex people, meaning we added the new category to birth certificates (and therefore to other documents such as drivers license and passports) then this would need to account for a change in the binary code of Gender; (what would then be feminine/masculine?). This would also then need to alter the binary code of sexuality; (if someone is dating and intersex are they gay? Straight?). Changing the Binary Code of Sex changes all the Socially Constructed categories based off of it. Write here some of the many ways in which we would need to restructure our Society if we did not follow the binary code. What  major institutions would need to be reformatted and how?  –  Try to list all the social structures that use boy/girl – male/female as a code; for starters… sports?  school? etc. 

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