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please read the reading attached below and then answer the forum question: Reflect about how you know things. Where do your ideas come from? Have they changed over time? Have they changed since you came to College?

here are examples of classmate’s responses to this forum after u finish answering the forum please reply to one of the following classmates response:

classmate 1 response: I want to start off by saying, I believe our ideas come from not only personal experience, but from the people we meet as well. Growing up it was hard to believe that the people you hang out with have such an impact on how you view the world. Sometimes we as humans get sucked into seeing the world from only one lens. This could be due to many reasons such as religious beliefs, family beliefs, or even due to peer pressure and social media (nowadays), etc. My personal ideas stem mainly from experience. As I grow older, I am learning that the ideas that were meant to be engraved into my mind about how the world works as a child are not what I believe nor how I want to view the world as an individual, so I am fighting back, and not many people in my life are happy about that right now. For example, my family. I grew up in a very strict household where you have to respect your parents, but the challenge is, what does respect mean to you? Respect for me isn’t keeping my feelings in and not being able to express myself because these are my parents and I have to respect them, like it was for my parents growing up.
Moving on to growth within ideas themselves, I feel as though anyone’s ideas about something can change over time, although they have to be willing to see said ideas from a different perspective. As for me personally, I believe many idea’s I have or have had, have changed over time. These changes in ideas have been sculpted by my age, personal growth, and experiences (such as being in college). Speaking of college, my ideas have changed tremendously since I arrived at college. I have grown so much as an individual in such a short time and I will only continue to grow even more as time goes by and I continue my journey into adulthood. Although the transition into college hasn’t been easy for me, I’m happy to have learned from my experiences here.

classmate response 2: In terms of how ideas change, I think it really has to do with what stage in your life you are in and what technology/resources/ and people are accessible to you. When I was much younger, I would always look to my parents for guidance and knowledge. When I had a question, they would answer me to the best of their ability, and my view of the world was shaped by their experience and ideas. It was only when I started getting older that I started to realize that people had different opinions than my parents, and there was really no such thing as a “universal experience.” Some people found meaning in religion, some found it in science, and some find it elsewhere. In my opinion, it can be a key moment in development to realize how you want to go about interpreting the world.
I would say that college leans heavily toward the scientific perspective. I have been raised with this, so seeing the world in that way makes sense to me. But, we can also question whose knowledge is more valued, and what is considered “truth” in scholarly spaces. Academia can be competitive and exclusionary, and sometimes just keeps their knowledge in scholarly spaces, at the detriment to other people.

after you have completed that this is the second hw assignment:

Revised Proposal and Bibliography

Please submit a revised propsal (ca. 2 pages), in which you outline your your final project.

Append a bibliography to the proposal (excluded from the page count), listing the sources you intend to use in your paper – primary and secondary, both assigned readings and items you have found in your own research where applicable.

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