Sociology One Breath Solid Waste Pollution Discussion

One Breath at a Time

This  week you watched three videos, each describing a type of pollution.  Choose one of these three pollution types and explain two ways an  individual person can make meaningful changes to prevent or alleviate  it.

Review the posts of your classmates and respond to at least one other post.

Please see below for classmates post:

Every contemporary person knows that the air we are breathing today contains a considerable amount of toxic and hazardous substances. Environmental pollution negatively affects many factors, including, of course, human health. Unfortunately, annually, millions of people around the planet die due to the problems caused by air pollution. Therefore, the healthy life of every person depends significantly on the proper identification of the sources that cause damage to the environment. In general, there two ways a person can make to provide meaningful changes to prevent or to alleviate global air pollution.

Plants and factories are usually considered to be the primary air pollutants, but the numerous drivers also make a considerable contribution to this process. Many contemporary people are not able to cope without a car. It is quite challenging to find some specific solution to the problem. It is impossible to refuse to travel by car. However, every person can reduce the general amount of trips. For example, the best idea would be to buy all the necessary products and household items for one visit to the store, and not several times a week. Besides, it is not difficult to use public transport or a bicycle as often as possible and to take a car only when it is impossible to find an alternative way to get somewhere.

Some conscious people have already bought goods without packaging. The plastic, foil, and cardboard, used actively to create the packages, are produced with the help of technologies that negatively affect the quality of the air. It is quite possible to choose products in recyclable containers or to visit stores with own bag. The best result will be achieved when every person starts recycling items. Proper distribution of household waste is another way to prevent air pollution. Recycling or incineration significantly reduces the amount of waste in landfills, which is thought to be a prominent air pollutant.

These two ways are considered to be the easiest ones. They can help to prevent air pollution and to make the planet safer and cleaner for future generations. Everybody may realize them without any additional problems. Personal transport and convenient packages in the shops are the advantages of modern civilization. However, they are able to destroy the environment, so it is up to every conscious person to reduce their using. 

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