Sociology Parental Influence on Emotional Development Essay

 There are 2 options you can choose:

1. Writing a paper   Basically, I will give you a serious course topic, and you pick one topic you are most interested in and write a research paper that can either be a literature review of a topic discussed in class.

2.  Propose an experiment you’d like to run (and background research supporting the experiment)  Also need to have some connection with the course topic ( you will choose one topic )I give you.

These are the available topic. After you decided on one, I will give you the following PPT for you.

(1) Learning & Thinking 

(2) Theories of Cognitive Development

(1) Language acquisition

(1) Symbols 

(2) Language & concepts

(1) Conceptual Development

(1) Theories of social development

(2) Social essentialism

(1) Emotional development

(2) Attachment

(1) Theory of the self and others

(2) Family & Peers

(3) Moral development

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