Sociology Research Ethics Involving Human Subjects Discussion

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, read the media piece Why Facebook Could Be Good for Your Health (Links to an external site.), read the journal article “Social Relationships and Health,” and watch the video Research Ethics Involving Human Subjects (Links to an external site.). (Links to these articles and video will be uploaded in comments once tutor is selected).

Now  that the literature review has been completed, the text reading this  week covers how important theories can be highlighted that will support  your research topic. For example, particular groups may naturally link  to known theories, such as feminist theory for women’s perspectives, or  queer theory for perspectives from the LGBTQ community. The text also  covers extensive writing tips in regard to scholarly writing which can  help you reflect and develop your own scholarly writing in coursework  that requires research. A third aim of the discussion is to touch on the  integral aspect of preparation for performing research, ensuring you  have considered the ethical concerns and protections for your research  participants or subjects.

In your initial post, address the following:

This part of the course discusses how research can also use the  transformative paradigm in social theory to impact social change. How  does it do this and what types of societal populations can the  transformative paradigm specifically impact?

An important aspect  of impactful research is that it should be disseminated through a  scholarly document such as a research report or journal article. The  author of the course text provides some helpful tips in scholarly  writing. What tips did you find most useful to further develop your own  scholarly writing in course work which requires research papers or a  project?

Lastly, a research study should always be ethically  performed. According to the course text reading and your review of the  video, “Research Ethics Involving Human Subjects (Links to an external site.)”, answer the following:

The  Belmont Report of 1979 established three ethical principles for  research. Name the three principles and explain each principle.

All  Universities and Research Institutions are federally mandated to follow  ethics guidelines in the research performed which include the  principles of The Belmont Report of 1979 – name what this set of  guidelines is commonly known as, and describe what it covers.

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