SOWK 663 SU Decision Making & Effective Communication Skills Discusion

Reflection Questions:

The National Network for Social Work Management provides a comprehensive list of 21 competencies necessary for the effective and responsible performance of the management role. Download the list HSMC-Guidebook-December-2018.pdf  and read the list carefully.

  1. Review the list and reflect on those competencies for which you have an aptitude – based on your past work experience, your personal traits, your interests, and so on – and those for which you don’t have an aptitude. Which two or three competencies fit with your current aptitudes, and which don’t fit and why?
  2. Review the list and reflect on your current level of performance of the 21 competencies – based on your own perceptions of your past and current work experience and the perceptions of colleagues and family members. Which one or two competencies might you demonstrate at a high level of performance in the workplace and which one or two would you expect to perform very poorly?
  3. Summarize your appraisal of aptitudes and capabilities related to competent management in terms of career aspirations, that is, what specific jobs and work duties will you plan to add to your repertoire and what specific jobs and duties will you try to avoid?
  4. Finally, identify two to three steps that you will take to increase your mastery of those “high priority” competencies that you believe that you can integrate into your professional skill set and that you consider relevant to your career plans.
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