SP Equitable Schools Presentation

create a 30-minute presentation discussing an aspect of school social work.  Please include in the presentation a DVD clip

(less than 5 minutes) of your choice related to the topic pertaining to school social work. The
presentation should integrate information you learned from the textbook and one peer reviewed
journal article. You will also need to highlight how this issue is relevant for school social
workers. You will need to submit a one-page hand-out to the class providing an overview of this

issue and intervention strategies/helpful tips/and/or key highlights from the literature.

Please submit to me electronically the name of the movie, YouTube clip and a brief
summary of the scene you plan to show in your presentation.
Please submit a copy of the peer reviewed article (hard copy and a PDF) to me before or
during the day of the presentation. Also send me to a copy of the PowerPoint presentation


I have chosen “equitable schools” I was in the METCO program (please research) where they take inner city kids from urban area and put they in suburban schools. My project should be on how to make urban schools equitable so children do not have to travel for a better education.  

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