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Sarah Catherine Thompson

Prompt 4- I love this idea of gardens on the streets. This would definitely benefit Memphis to have something like this that is easily accessible. It is so much harder to eat healthy versus eating junk and fast food. This is the way that the country has made it because unhealthy food makes more money. I personally believe that food deserts exist to keep poor people unhealthy.

Amillyon N Riley

Prompt 5)  What are your thoughts about the video? Prompt 5 – At this link, you’ll find a 20 minute supplemental video to the film Critical Condition called Your Money or Your Life. to an external site. 

          This video was very heartbreaking ,and very real because so many parents/ people get up and make due with what they have. It’s tough when you have to battle between  your own mental well being and health over your children’s future. The parents in this video worked long hours each day of the week without any sort of health coverage in order to help their kids. There was one mother who kept coming into work despite her mental health declining because her son was very sick and he had an tough illness that meant taking him to the doctors often and also working to pay the medical bills as well as her regular bills. I can only imagine how it feels to be in this situation especially because I grew up seeing my mother doing it and even as a child I could tell when she was mentally tired and dealing with her own issues but having to do what she had to for me and my sisters to have a better life. It’s disheartening because the mom and dad were sitting together crying about them possibly getting evicted due to them falling behind on house payments to pay their sons hospital bills its sad because no one should have to choose between living in a nice home and helping their kid survive. The area they were living in greatly impacted their situation as well this shows just how impactful social status can be when it comes to healthcare and poverty.

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