Sullivan University Sociology Questions

PART ONE-our final paper is a deep look into some of the broad topics that are highlighted throughout the semester. This is a deeper dive into your already  submitted Final Paper draft. The minimum length of your paper is five pages (NOT INCLUDING TITLE PAGE OR WORKS CITED). Your paper must be in APA Format ( DRAFT ATTACHED (THE IMPACT OF GLOBOLIZATION)

Your paper must include the following citations:

The Textbook: Sociology Matters Edition: 6th, Author(s): Schaefer ISBN: 978-0-078-02695-9

Three Additional Sources (Peer Reviewed Journal Articles-Google Scholar; Books; Current Event News Articles; WIKIPEDIA IS NOT A SOURCE

PART TWO- Complete Discussion Board 7: Have new technologies helped you in any significant way, and if so, how? On balance, do you see new technologies as a benefit or a threat to society? Explain. (CHAPTER ATTACHED)


RESPOND TO KEITH-People can gain from new technologies in many ways. For instance, medical advancements may help save lives or even improve the quality of life for those with medical illnesses. People can access information and learn new skills from anywhere in the world using educational technologies. Communication technologies can help people stay in touch with loved ones, even if they are far away. Only two examples of how they might pose a threat are their use for evil or as a substitute for human labor. Ensuring that new technologies are developed and used to benefit society requires careful consideration of how they can harm honesty

RESPOND TO BAILEY-New technologies have for sure helped me over the past few years. Thinking back to just 10 years ago when we did not have smartphones, life was very different. We now have the ability to research anything we want to, whenever we want to! It can be very helpful when traveling, being able to have the GPS on your phone to direct you is much easier than having to study a map and determine which highway would be easiest to take on your journey. It is going to be interesting to see where technology goes in the next 10 years. I think there is a large possiblity that there could be some threats that will come with the advancing technology. It worries me to think that we will someday have all self driving cars on the road. Putting that much trust in a computer system is hard to wrap my head around. Technology will also be a great benefit for other things around us, such as sending more rockets to the moon and do more research on other planets.   

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