summarize the podcast 1

No less than 600 words

Listen to the podcast “The History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps” or “In Our Time:

Philosophy” and summarize ONE of the following episodes in detail:

The History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps:

HoP 039 Aristotle’s Four Causes

HoP 058 Reaping the Harvest – Lucretius

HoP 079 To the Lighthouse – Philo of Alexandria

HoP 088 Simplicity Itself – Plotinus on the One and Intellect

HoP 092 King of Animals – Porphyry

HoP 093 Pythagorean Theorems – Iamblichus

HoP 094 The Platonic Successor

HoP 105 Naming the Nameless – the Pseudo-Dionysius

HoP 123 Philosopher of the Arabs – al-Kindi

HoP 129 The Second Master – al-Farabi

HoP 140 By All Means Necessary – Avicenna on God

HoP 174 Leading Light – Suhrawardi

HoP 177 To Be or Not to Be – Debating Avicenna’s Metaphysics

HoP 205 Somebody’s Perfect – Anselm’s Ontological Argument

HoP 206 Eileen Sweeney on Anselm

In Our Time: Philosophy:

The Ontological Argument


Al – Kindi



St Thomas Aquinas