SYG 2000 Rasmussen University The Power of Group Membership Discussion

Describe a specific example of groupthink you have witnessed in your personal or professional life. Explain what factors contributed to this example of groupthink and how the outcome may have been different had groupthink not occurred. Connect your response to at least one other concept we’ve explored this week (such as in-groups and out-groups, roles, or social institutions).


One of the many groupthink phenomenon that i can recognize is in Jakarta, and several other Urban population in Indonesia, the group of religious organization who became large by volume after the downfall of Sorharto presidency in 1998.

The positive aspect is, such religious group inject identity into most of the members, as part of the family, they have sense of belonging, and more outcast despite the age and social class. the religious group helps in maintaining their sanity into some level of order, to follow the norm according to the holy script and it works. The negativity of the groupthink is, such mass of religion group could be manipulated by trigger happy mastermind, to create unprecedented horizontal conflicts. Every moment of succession, they become bargaining position for some public figure, to show how strong their existence is.

Some of the members are truly obedient towards their master, in some cases that’s good, to maintain social order. To some point, it is bad because they rely too much into dogma, and easily manipulated by circumstances. Groupthinking is necessary but the methodology has to be considered

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