The dangerous way ads see women (15 min video)

Instructions: Answer all questions regarding the film: Killing Us Softly 4. This assignment is worth 20 points (10 questions x 2 points apiece).   

The movie link: The dangerous ways ads see women | Jean Kilbourne | TEDxLafayetteCollege – YouTube 

[1.] According to Jean Kilbourne, how many advertisements on average do we interact with or receive on a daily basis? Do you feel like that this type of exposure (or what some might label as over exposure) has an impact on the way in which you conceptualize gender and beauty? 

[2.] Though mass media advertising seems relatively harmless the film mentions that these messages are powerful. Why?

[3.] What kinds of messages about gender [ideas femininity and masculinity] can be found in the advertisements in the film? Do these messages convey stereotypes?

[4.] What were some of the gender expectations and beauty standards being applied to females? How do these types of gender stereotypes hurt women?

[5.] In the film, Jean Kilbourne discusses the notion of men being unfairly portrayed in the media. What does she say in relation to beauty standards for men versus women? Does she like that unrealistic beauty standards are being applied to men?

[6.] How do unrealistic beauty expectations of women impact their lives? How might these same problems impact men and beauty expectations?

[7.] What does it mean to “infantilize” women in the media? Why does the U.S. media participate in this?

[8.] What is increasingly happening to representations of children in the media? Give an example from the film in which children are wearing more adult and suggestive clothing? Is this an issue for the future?

[9.] What positive changes are happening to challenge unrealistic beauty standards in the film? Do you personally see or experience any of this change in expectations in your own life? What is at stake for the future if unrealistic gender expectations of beauty and ideas on body image continue to be harmful for women and men? 

[10.] Discuss your reaction to the film “Killing us Softly 4”.   

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