“This essay is designed to support social media strategists who want to understand how to use TikTok to promote new product launches.

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In this assignment you will write the opening section of your Trends paper and outline your benefits, challenges and recommendations section. Depending on what you wrote for your Topic submission ( and I already uploaded my topic paper and my topic is TikTok), you may be re-using some text from that submission. That is entirely acceptable. In fact, I encourage you to do so if the writing/content is appropriate.

1. Create a title page, header, page numbers, and References page in APA style.

2. Write a one or two page opening section of the Trend paper that:

Defines the trend.

States the purpose of the paper (This might be a sentence like: “This essay is designed to support social media strategists who want to understand how to use TikTok to promote new product launches.”

Indicates the reader/audience (Who will benefit from reading this essay – remember you writing to a particular group of communication professionals – notice how the example above accomplishes both the purpose and audience tasks).

Explains why the trend is currently important in communication practice.

Gives some historical background on the trend.

Includes some real-world examples of the trend.

Explains some of the implications of the trend for engagement, relationship building, integrating content, linking channels, and personal/organizational branding or other practice goals.

3. Create a one-two page outline of the remainder of the paper. Your outline should look something like this:

I. Benefits of the trend




II. Challenges of the trend




III. Recommendations for communication practitioners




Note: your outline does not need to be well-written, edited or proof-read. You don’t even necessarily need to use full sentences. There should be enough information for me to be able to give you feedback and for you to use this opportunity to map out the remainder of your 5.2 Assignment paper. For each element of the outline try to include the evidence or example you will use to support your claim in the final paper. Include examples for most of the claims in your outline.

4. Include a minimum of 4 sources in the Reference list. Be sure to identify the source of all factual information or ideas not your own.

5. Be sure that your submission reflects any feedback you received from your topic paper submission.

Rubric for Trends Paper Outline

Possible Points Your Points
1. The opening clearly identifies one current trend in communication practice, defines the trend, and explains the current importance of the trend in the larger culture. The intended readers are clearly identified and the paper’s value (purpose) is clearly stated. The historical source of the trend is explained and a preview of the paper is provided. 4
2. The submission and references are formatted effectively in APA format, the writing in the opening paragraph is proofread and edited to a professional standard. It is clear and the argument makes sense. 4
4. The outline section of the paper is complete and shows a commitment to use evidence and examples to support your claims.