Use templates to develop a social media strategy/campaign plan for your client. Remember from our readings and course materials: campaign development should always follow strategy.

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The client I choose is WWF . I already uoloaded the previous relevant submission I have.


Over the course of the semester you have had the opportunity to explore your client’s strategic goals and create elements of a social media campaign. The purpose of this project is to synthesize through a complete social media strategy and campaign that you design for your client.

Your submission should be written, and 10-15 pages in length (excluding references and/or appendices). As described in the directions below, you should make use of the strategy and campaign templates made available through Hubspot (or other resources you may have available in your professional sphere, or online). Feel free to edit and adapt a template to work for the proposal that you want to make.


Use templates to develop a social media strategy/campaign plan for your client. Remember from our readings and course materials: campaign development should always follow strategy. You should begin by establishing a clear picture of your client’s overall strategic mission, and then create the context for the integration of social through a situational analysis.

Next you will detail the results of some social monitoring on behalf of your client. Establish the client’s communication objectives (which should support the client’s strategic plan) and identity the current target audience.

This foundation should lead logically and persuasively to your proposed use of social media as one component of the client’s communication plan. Detail the overall social approach, including channels and key messaging. Then, conclude with a specific campaign proposal. This campaign should include SMART objectives, sample content, a publication calendar(s), and metrics for assessing campaign outcomes.

Each of these topics has been covered during one or more weekly lessons this semester.

Thus, your submission should include the following:

  1. Introduction to the client (history, mission, vision, brand identity, corporate goals)
  2. Situation analysis (social/political/economic landscape, current publics, target audience)
  3. Social media monitoring
  4. Communication objectives (a minimum of two)
  5. Campaign proposal (including proposed channels, sample content, SMART campaign objectives – a minimum of two)
  6. Editorial/Social calendar (It should include at least 10 entries – it could be 1 week, or up to a year’s length, depending on the nature of your proposal)
  7. Metrics

Remember that sections 4, 5, 6 & 7 should include a “Justification” overview or summary that grounds the content of the section in course content/readings and/or your analysis of the client and their situation.


Your proposal should be submitted as a Word file or .pdf. It should be no more than 15 pages in length, and use design elements that would be appealing for your client. This means that your proposal should incorporate images, figures, tables, etc. when relevant and when those components can highlight/enhance your proposal message.

Your proposal font should be at least 10 point in size. Margins 1.5”. Generally, all text should be double-spaced (use 1.5 or single spacing only for style/emphasis).

Your proposal should be proofread and edited for style, grammar and clarity. All citations should be created in APA format, and this proposal should include a cover page, headers, page numbers, and a table of contents.

In sum, this is a professional communication plan proposal. What you submit should reflect the quality of work you would want to have if you submit the proposal to an actual representative of your client team.


This assignment is worth 60 total points.