Title: 7Ps of the Marketing mix

Title: 7Ps of the Marketing mix

Paper type Essay

Paper format Harvard

Course level Master

Subject Area Marketing

# pages 2 ( or 600 words Minimum)

Spacing Double Spacing

# sources 5

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I have to write a short essay about 7Ps of the Marketing Mix.


The essay can be about the evolution from the traditional model of the 4 Ps to the model of the 7 Ps.


I appreciate indicating references with the corresponding page number and using some Journals, not just websites.


For example, a reference is:


Rafiq, M., Ahmed, P. K. (1995) ‘Using the 7 Ps as a generic marketing mix: An exploratory survey of UK and European marketing academics’, Marketing Intelligence & Planning, 13(9), pp. 4-15.