UAG Sociology The Issue of Homelessness in The United States Essay

Dr. Griffin Myers of Oak Street Health | Bootstrapping in America

Dr. Griffin Myers is the Co-founder & Chief Medical Officer of Oak Street Health, which is a network of neighbor…

After reviewing the document on Hobos, and watching the video clip on Bootstraps in America, answer the following questions by writing an essay:

1)  Summarize the video and quote some of the key points that the presenter is sharing about the current problem of homelessness

Answer 1 question from the following list: 

2)  Describe hobo society, comparing and contrasting their elements to the rest of the larger society, and explain why hobo societies are similar to early societies rather than modern societies.

3)  Summarize the history of homelessness in the U.S. (particularly of the “Hobo”)  and explain how homelessness differed in the 1920’s from today.

4)  Explain how the society of the 1920’s enabled the hobo to thrive and predict how the hobo would live in today’s society.

5)  Compare and contrast Anderson’s and Rossi’s research methods.

6)  Identify social problems relating to the homeless and causes of homelessness that have remained constant throughout the last century and theorize why this have not changed despite of the work of numerous private groups and government programs.  

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