UCB Dignity and Autonomy with Respect to Abortion Essay

Essay questions: The values of dignity and autonomy are central to the principles and practices of human rights. Discuss the meaning and significance of dignity and autonomy with the issue of abortion.

-harvard referencing (at least 6, I have attached a list of references the try to use all the bolded ones are quite useful and please mention the UDHR1948 and any legal cases that is related to abortion e.g Roe v Wade) please let me know if any of the readings are not accessible.

– Subtitles are needed (intro- 3 sections -conclusion) i have attached an essay plan for better idea on how to structure the essay

-word count roughly around 2500 (please let me know the final word count)

Please make sure the essay is following the guideline below:

Evidence/Resources: Are relevant examples used to support arguments? Do conclusions flow from evidence? Are sources scholarly?

Critical analysis:

Is the argument analytical, rather than descriptive? Does the essay engage with competing perspectives? Has the subject matter been treated fairly?

Structure/Organisation: Does the argument flow logically and carry throughout? Are paragraphs well written or rambling? Are linking sentences used where needed? Do conclusions flow logically from evidence presented? Is word length as required?

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