UCSD Sociology Aging Problems in China and the US Essay

This paper is to be treated as an academic paper in which the 400-level course writing mastery will be shown. The writing you do in response to the given topic should be based on a combination of understandings and insights derived from a critical reading of and reflection upon the assigned material (textbook chapter, journal articles, lecture videos, other posted videos), as well as upon your own personal and professional experiences. 

Your paper will include connections to topic(s) of your choice from any of the chapters answering one prompt of your choice from a list provided. Full prompt descriptions, a video about this assignment, and the rubric are on Canvas. You must access these additional materials to do well on this assignment!

Prompt Options (choose one):

Write a letter to Senator/Representative/Mayor

Complete an assessment of aging in the media

Complete a cultural comparison of aging issues

Interview an older adult and compare views on an aging issue

Reading :

Chapter1-7. Aging Matters: An Introduction to Social Gerontology, Updated Edition 


Youtube: Chapter 1-7





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