UCSD Sociology Freire Subjects Readers Paper

As Freire reminds us, we must be “subjects-readers” in the act of study, and thus you must be engaged in this scholarly intervention. It is not a summary of the past few weeks of lecture or readings, but rather your own interpretation, critique, or analysis of the course material. Here are some guiding questions/points of discussion to think about while you write your scholarly



1. What are some ideas that you found new, relevant, and/or inspirational in the readings,

lectures and/or cultural texts/videos? Why?

2. What new perspective does the book chapters, articles, lectures, and cultural texts/videos generate for you?

3. What were the authors trying to argue, convey, or express? Why is it important? Why does it matter?

4. How do the readings, lectures, and cultural texts relate? What is a possible guiding thread?

5. In what ways does the reading reinforce, extend, challenge, or oppose your own views? Be specific?

6. What current social issues can be analyzed through the readings, lectures, and cultural texts?-

You do not have to answer all of these questions. Rather, think of them as a guide to get you started

in your writing. What is most important is that you engage the readings, lectures, and cultural texts.

You must make connections! If you incorporate current social issues, make sure you cite any outside

material you include. Scholarly Intervention #1 should cover weeks 1-3 and Scholarly Intervention #2 should cover

weeks 4-6. Each Scholarly Intervention is worth 20 points.

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