UCSD What Happened to The Perfect Child Sociology Discussion

Answer Question

1.Describe a scene within the documentary that connects to a concept or theory that has been covered in this course:

2.With which Concept or Theory, Act or Law (covered in this course) does this scene connect? (i.e. Age of Responsibility, Abused and Neglected Child Reporting Act, Antibullying programs, anomalies etc.)

  • 3.In which chapter number was the theory or concept, that you listed in answer to the previous question, covered?

4.What is the definition of the concept or theory (that you selected)?  (copy and paste from textbook or PowerPoint)

  • 5.Using 2 paragraphs: What is the connection between the concept or theory that you have selected above, the concept/theory and something SPECIFIC that you have seen or experienced in real life? (This could be something that has happened to you or someone you know, a movie, tv show, social media post, tik tok trend, etc.)

1st paragraph will describe your real life experience

  • 2nd Paragraph will show how this experience connects to the concept/theory you’ve selected
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