University City High School Film Review Essay

link to te filmDue to copy rights and producers wanting to charge for films, one tries to find a site that still carries film for free. I found this site, however, the ads are very offensive. When you go to the site, expand the screen (two arrows located in the corner of the screen) to remove the add. I’m sorry about this, but the film is very important. You may also have to increase the volume.

The film that you are going to review, is “Milk,” At the beginning of the film when they are showing the film credits, you’ll get some stutters, once the film starts it will be normal. This film is about Harvey Milk who sat on the San Francisco County Board of Supervisors. I’ve mentioned in the past, if you are going to change society in this country, it is more likely to occur through the courts or the political process. In our last film review, “Women in politics…”, we saw how difficult it was for women to get political support when running for public office. At the top of list was how to get money support from men and the good old men’s network. Then, the money factor, who gives $$? This situation can be the same for all minorities and others who are running for office. You may have seen this film, “Milk” in another class and say, “I’ve already seen this film, do I have to do this film review”? Yes, you may see film again in many of your social science classes. Each professor may ask different questions and opinions about this film and it’s content. Every time I see this film, it reminds me of where we are in Palm Springs. We have a significant LGBTQ community in Palm Springs and there are 3 members from the LGBTQ community-Mayor, and 2 City Council members out of 5. When I was staffer on the San Diego City Council, I worked with numerous groups in Hillcrest, especially the LGBTQ community in their community plan. Since then, the LGBTQ community has elected city council members, state legislators, people to Congress. However, they still face prejudice, discrimination, and hate. Yet, they are making some advancements today.

For this film review, you are to observe and discuss some of the same issues that we heard about running for public office. What does it take to win an election when you are minority? How do you organize your campaign? Why are community groups/organization important to campaigns? We have studied organizations that helped our minority communities advocate on their behalf. They produce “collective consciousness”, and “collective action”, or, an awareness of issues that everyone agrees and plans to attack the problems. “MIlk” has all these themes, and they happen in real campaigns. I want you opinions about this film. like the film on women in politics, what does the future look like for gay or lesbian candidates? We currently have a Gay candidate for the 2020 Presidential election, follow his candidacy to see what happens and how people feel about this candidate. As you watch this film, it gives you an insight into the San Francisco LGBTQ community in the 60’s as it was beginning to establish itself. Harvey rise and fall stun the nation and especially the LGBTQ community. After his death, gay and lesbian candidates began to run for office in great numbers, and they continue to run and win office. California has quite a number of elected officials from the LGBTQ community in all levels of public office. Yet, they still face prejudice, discrimination, hate, and violence today across the country. There are numerous films that have emerge into public view about the experiences of this community. A film that I want to show, or for extra credit, is the film “Carol.” About a middle age women and a younger women in the 50’s. Remember how I’ve been suggesting that 50’s was a conservative and Christian lifestyle in America. This is the backdrop that these two women face in the film. I’m sure many of you have seen that impress you about this subject. I’m making a list films for this class, if you know of any films that caught your attention that I can use in this class let me know. I will review it and use it in the class. Thanks.

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