University of Central Florida Capitalism Leisure & Intolerance in the 1920s Discussion

The 1920s saw a significant expansion in personal freedoms for some segments of the U.S. population. At the same time, the decade witnessed widespread retrenchment, oppression, and intolerance. Which force –freedom or intolerance –was more central to the history of the United States in the 1920s?

write a 200-word discussion board post in response to the following prompt. In your response, you must quote or make reference to at least one of the documents assigned for reading in this module. You may also use material addressed in the lecture videos.

you must post a 50-word substantive response to one of your classmates’ posts.

you need to read this documents before you begin :

  • Document 118 – Manuel Gamio on a Mexican-Amerian Family and American Freedom (c. 1926)
  • Document 133 – John A. Fitch on the Great Steel Strike (1919)
  • Document 136 – The Fight for Civil Liberties (1921)
  • Document 134 – Immigration Quotas Under the Johnson-Reed Act (1924)
  • Document 138 – Congress Debates Immigration (1921)
  • Document 140 – Alain Locke, The New Negro (1925)
  • Document 141 – Elsie Hill and Florence Kelley Debate the Equal Rights Amendment (1922)