UNLV The 5 Languages of Love The Secret to Love That Lasts By Gary Chapman Essay

  choose from one of the options below. You will write a paper (double-spaced) according to the requirements of the option you choose.  

Option 1: Family History Project

Family history work can be very exciting! It can be fun to trace your family tree, or talk to relatives about their experiences, or share experiences with your children about what life was like when you were their age. This project is designed to help you “dive into” family history work (at least a little – it can go well beyond the scope of this assignment). Your project must contain at least two of the following (which you must turn in). This project also requires you to share what you create with at least one family member and write a short (1 page) summary of this experience.

Create a four-generation pedigree chart (see www.familysearch.orgLinks to an external site. or other family history websites)

Collect photographs (or copies) of family members in a photo album or scrapbook and include a written narrative that describes the people and events in the photos (for example, it could be a collection of historical photos, or it could be a collection of photos from a family vacation). Please create a PowerPoint album or an online scrapbook for this assignment.

Conduct a video or audio interview of a family members from previous generations (for example, you parents, grandparents, great grandparents, great aunt, etc.) asking about the family they grew up in and about some of their life experiences. You might want to consider making an outline of what you want to cover in your recording. To make things flow better, consider jotting down what you want to ask so you don’t fumble with words and start the same recording over a dozen times trying to get it right. Write a summary of the things you learned about this person and other family members.

Write your own personal (or life) history (must be at least 5 pages)

Option 2: RELATE Questionnaire (Must currently be in a relationship, and both partners must be willing to complete the questionnaire—which costs $25 per person)

Complete the RELATE questionnaire (both partners must complete it separately online). Once you both have taken and submitted your responses, you will be sent a comprehensive report. After receiving the report, analyze the results and discuss them with your partner. After reviewing the report together, write a 3-4 page paper addressing the following:

What did you learn about yourself and your partner?

What are the areas of strength in the relationship?

  1. What are areas of needed attention or growth in the relationship?

Discuss areas where each partner should concentrate on growth to enhance future relationship quality and stability.

Website for RELATE: https://relatefoundation.com/couples/Links to an external site.

Option 3: Book Report on a self-help book about marriage, relationships, or parenting

Your assignment is to read completely a self-help book of your choice about marriage, relationships, or parenting. You must get the book approved by the instructor ahead of time (see me in class or email me).  The book report (3-4 pages) must address the following topics/questions.

Describe the focus of the book and the intended audience.

  1. Discuss the main points of the book and evaluate how effective the book is at accomplishing its purposes.
  2. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the book?
  3. In terms of your own life/relationships, discuss what you learned from the book that will be helpful to you (now and/or in the future).

If a friend approached you and asked you to recommend a book on marriage/relationships/parenting, would you recommend this book? Why or why not?

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