UP Use of Social Media and Mental Health Disorders Paper

To begin with, I want to start by saying you do not need to make the actual website itself. Yet, you will be providing all of the information that aids in the completion of the website. I have created a project proposal, however I have had feedback on it, and my original proposal needs revision.


Attached below is a screenshot of the project proposal. This was the proposal before I got feedback!!!!! The social learning theory will NOT be the theory to be used, instead I am going to give you a list of other sociological theories to choose from, and you’re goal is to use that new theory to develop the work. 

The exact feedback I got stated this:

“this topic sounds very relevant, but I think you could look deeper into the sociological theory that informs this project including some of the great readings we have already done for class.”

These are the basic directions for what you are going to be doing

1) the topic they will explore – (to clarify the elaborate connection between young individuals’ use of social media, and mental health disorders – depression.2)

2) the sociological theory they will use – choose between anything from 

3) the medium they will use – I am creating a website with all of the information

4) the examples they will use and the ways in which they plan to use sociological theory to explore their topic. – this will be what you will be gathering. Providing examples with research to complete the work.

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