USC This Civilization is Finished, Book Summary and Responses

A 300-400 word Reading response on “This Civilization is Finished” by Rupet Read and Samuel Alexander. 

1. Include a short Summary.

2. Talk about Your Thoughts/Opinions about the Reading. 

3. At the END Ask a Question about the Reading for others to Reflect on/Think about.

Here a 2 replies:

1. Hi Karla! I agree with you, I was also shocked by how blunt Rupert Read was in the writing of this book. Any other article or journals i have read regarding climate have always sugar coated the situation and avoided the truth. I think it is important other people start speaking out about just how far gone we are and we need to accept this reality. Chapter 13 left me some optimism hoping that we can use this as a learning tool. When we recognize that we have aided in the cause of climate change like Read is provoking us to in his book, I think we can finally make a change. Great response!

2. Hi Allen,

I also found myself feeling conflicted about whether we can save our planet before the tipping point is reached. I feel like all of the possible scenarios and outcomes the authors speak of are all of equal possibility. I also think that idolizing technology as our savior and as an end-all solution to climate crisis does not address the root problem of it all, specifically how inherently problematic our consumerist behaviors are. We definitely need to radically reshape how we live, and that starts with something as simple (or complex) as how we even think. I think that adapting to a hunter-gatherer lifestyle that the native people of countries such as America and Europe once lived is an ideal method of combating climate change. A hard change to make, but definitely a necessary one.

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