USU Population Pressure Issue and Solution Paper

I’m working on a sociology writing question and need a sample draft to help me learn.

Write a post as a means of addressing a population-related issue that is near and dear to your heart. In your post, you must explain:

a) The specific population pressure or population-related issue you have chosen

b) The potential solution(s) to that population pressure or issue

A post could identify, for example, a POPULATION PRESSURE: a growing population means we need to feed more people, so we mass-produce hardy, high-yield crops. The global industrialization of agriculture has drastically reduced the biodiversity of the agricultural products we rely upon. Then, it would discuss a POTENTIAL SOLUTION: stockpiling seed banks to preserve agricultural variety and biodiversity. The post should then discuss whether this is a viable, necessary, imminent solution, or whether there are other options to consider to address this particular issue.

Or maybe you are interested in family planning and/or fertility, locally or elsewhere around the world. Some of you might be curious about the disparities and diversity of population measures across socioeconomic groups (sex, race, ethnicity, social class, etc.). Whatever topic you choose, use this activity to think about a real-world population issue that you are interested in, and be creative about potential policy solutions to address these changing demographics.

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