VC The Effects of Social Media on Adolescents Mental Health Paper

Choose a contemporary social problem that interests you and explore that issue from one or more of the theoretical
perspectives discussed in class. Your research topic must be narrow in focus, like any
sociology research paper that you would write. I will be looking at how well you apply the
theory or theories to the social issue you have chosen to write about. 

Theory Final Research Paper Outline
1. Abstract
a. First, list the title of the paper above the abstract. The abstract should be a brief (no
more than 200 words), single paragraph, descriptive summary of the most important
contributions of the paper. The abstract begins on a separate page following the
Introduction to the paper.
2. Introduction
a. In the introduction, you want to introduce your chosen topic. If applicable, provide
some recent statistics to give the reader some background on your topic.
b. Tell the reader what you will cover in your research paper. This could include all of
the sections that follow.
3. Review of the Literature
a. Please use 7 to 10 scholarly references that focus on your chosen topic. Your
references should be from scholarly journals.
4. Theory Definition
a. In this section, you want to define the theory or theories that you are using in your
paper. You may use your book as a reference.
5. Theory Application

a.In this section, you want to apply the theory to your social issue. How does this theory or theories help the reader understand your chosen social issue?
6. Conclusion
a. Wrap up your conclusions here. Based on what you found in the literature, you can
suggest any future studies that may fill in the gaps of what needs more clarification.
You can talk about what you found interested in the literature and how your chosen
theory can up the reader understand the social issue.
7. Reference Page

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