what educational trend or issue do you predict will be most important during your career

There are two parts you must answer the discussion question with a minimum of 175 words and the other part is you must reply with a minimum of 100 words each to two peers.

below is the question and the two peer answers(that you have to reply to)

Discussion Question:

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

This week focuses on issues and trends in education. What educational trend or issue do you predict will be most important during your caree(education)r? What do you perceive to be the potential challenges and benefits of this trend or issue? Explain and provide rationale to support your response.

Peer answer 1:


One of the first things that comes to my mind given the question is technology. This is something that is expanding tremendously both the usage and the way in which it is used. Therefore I predict that it will continue to expand throughout my career. It can be beneficial to capture the attention of students in creative ways. This can increase the engagement of students with their education. It can also be tailored in many ways to fit the needs of the individual. On the other hand I can see it being a potential challenge or issue if not closely monitored. In other words students might be using the technology in a constructive way to enhance their learning experience but distractions can get in the way of their focus. That is why I mentioned the monitoring while the students are using it. I do realize that most schools have certain sites blocked which is helpful to reduce those distractions. Overall like a lot of things there are pros and cons to it. There can be great benefits as we see the advancement o technology but as educators we must be aware of the challenges and how to handle them.

Peer answer 2:


I also foresee technology to be a big issue. Technology needs to come into the classroom to keep up with the learning demands of the 21stcentury. When teachers don’t have the techno-savvy to compete with those devices, by bringing education and technology together, it can be difficult to keep students’ interest and attention to properly teach new concepts. I also see bullying being an issue. While school-based bullying has been an issue since the beginning of public school institutions, public schools today are seeking out new solutions to provide all students and parents with support and guidance. Today, in an effort to educate both bullies and victims, schools are implementing early-intervention programs to combat the many issues of bullying in public schools. While bullying can occur at any location, among both female and male students in any age group, research is learning of specific patterns of bullying behavior. Generally, however, as Stop Bullying Now further supports, bullying is “Done by someone with more power or social support to someone with less power or social support.