world sociology


1.How would your life change if you yourself were a member of a subordinate group? Explain in detail

2.Respond to Glibert-My life would not change if i was a member of a subordinate group. To a certain extent, I have always had people to report to that were above me. There has never been a time in my life where I was at the very top in which I was above all else in an organization. Nor have I ever been in a situation where I did not have to answer to the law or ethics, etc. There isn’t ever a true situation in which one isn’t part of a subordinate group, unless they live completely alone on a deserted island. Even high ranking officials in large scale corporations are still participants of subordinate groups as they have to answer to report out to fellow board members. At the end of the day, we’re all cogs in a machine. 

3.Respond to Daniel-Racially being a non-white person, I am already classified as being in a subordinate group. I think if you look at all aspects of life everyone can be member of a subordinate group or become a member of a dominant group. I think your born into a group and your life choices and achievements can move you into a different group.  When your part of a dominant group, you are the norm.  Situations, organizations, and others’ expectations have been designed to fit who you are, and we don’t have to think much about that part of ourselves. When you’re in a subordinate group, however, things often don’t fit us so well.  We are reminded regularly of how we differ from the norm.  People from the dominant group generally make the decisions, often without input from subordinate groups.  As a result, we are more aware of the ways in which our subordinate identities affect our everyday lives

PART TWO-WEEKLY REFLECTION     AFRICAN AMERICAN WOmAN Are you white or non-white? If white, what privileges do you enjoy that you have taken for granted? Can you think of a way to reduce one or more of those privileges so that others can be more equal? If non-white, what kinds of stereotyping and discrimination have you seen or experienced? Do you think racial discrimination can be reduced through cooperative contact among people of different races?

Weekly Reflection Questions: You are required to submit chapter reflections that must incorporate specific components of the week’s topic into your reflection summary. All reflections must be one or more paragraphs (i.e. 5 or more sentences)

PART THREE-FINAL DRAFTIn your draft, include:

  • The topic that you are discussing in relation to a cultural region. Some examples include but are not limited to:
    • Social controls in the United States: The social and economic implications of the death penalty
    • “Doing Gender:” Understanding gender roles in the US through the Conflict Perspective
    • The Impact of Globalization on the US Environment
    • The Differences and Similarities in the Family Structure between the United States and China
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