write a 700 to 1 050 word paper 13

FILLER TEXTRead Case 6-2 Research Helps Whirlpool Keep Its Cool at Home, Act Local in Emerging Markets

Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper in which you provide detailed answers to the following discussion questions at the end of the case study:

Describe Whirlpool’s global marketing strategy. Does Whirlpool use an extension product strategy or an adaptation product strategy?

What is the primary reason people buy and own major appliances such as a washing machine? Is there a secondary reason as well?

  • What are the key lessons to be learned from Whirlpool’s experience in emerging markets?
  • Utilize outside source material to support your ideas, and include analytical data specific to this study.
  • Cite at least three outside references in addition to your textbook.