write a essay related with hobbes and aristotle 1


While Hobbes fails to understand the strength of human relationships and justice, Aristotle successfully argues that humans are capable of forming their own systems of governance and justice without the need for social contracts.


1. please use specific page number when you do the citation.(use the material I upload)

2. check the document for more information

3.follow the writing instruction, its very important.

4. essay should have multiple paragraph base on your argument,

for example: 1. aginst Hobees, 2 where Aristotle did is better than Hobees(write more) 3. Aginst Hobess point.(write less) 4. Where Aristotle did is better than Hobees.(write more ) 5. Something aginst Hobees (write less), 6. where Aristotle did is better than Hobees(write more) and so on…

5. before you start the essay, you should have at least three strong standpoints for this thesis.

6. There are some reading contain for this essay as well, you have to read it .I will upload them for you.

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