write an annotated bibliography for your research question

Write an annotated bibliography for your research question. You will need to find, summarize, and assess at least 10 sources. 7 of these sources need to be peer reviewed sources*. These peer reviewed sources can be websites, white papers, books, or journals.

Each annotation must have:

  • A correct bibliographic citation in the style of your choice
  • A summary of the parts of source relevant to your research question
  • An assessment of how/where/why you might you this source in your future paper.

Annotated bibliographies are usually organized by alphabetical order, BUT for our project, we will be organizing them by theme, content, argument, etc. Your annotated bibliography must include an introduction that describes your research question and tells the reader how your annotated bibliography will be organized.

Your assignment will be graded based on standard academic writing, following structure and instructions, the quality and detail of your annotations, and your ability to describe your research project and your organizational strategy clearly and specifically in your introduction.