writing functions using dictionaries file i o and modules

6 functions. Has to be done by Nov 24th 13:00 P.M EST. All the necessary files for testing your project have been zipped in one file. It is recommended that you test each function independently because some tests might be computationally intensive.


  • There is exactly one import statement allowed in this project: import random
  • o You are not allowed to import anything else.

    o You can only use randint() choice() and seed() from the random library

  • You are not allowed to use classes, exceptions, the with statement, and list/dictionary comprehensions.
  • From the built-in functions, you are allowed to use:
  • o range(), len(), sorted(), int(), sum(), list(), float()

  • From list methods, you are allowed to use:
  • o append(), insert(), copy(), remove(), pop(), index()

  • From the dictionary methods, you are allowed to us:
  • o get(), values(), keys(), items(), update()

  • For the file/string methods, you are allowed to use:
  • o open(), strip(), split(), join()

    o read(), readline(), readlines(), write(), writelines()

  • You may not make more than one pass of a file when reading it. Do not circumvent this rule by reading in the file as one entity (one string, a list, etc.), and then performing multiple passes on that.