writting prompt statement for social work master application

My personal information: im currently a student at Salisbury University im a social work major im from Haiti I moved to America in 2011 I was 15 years old, I moved to America 1 year after the major earthquake in haiti that happen January 12 2010

as of now Im currently doing my internship at HALO which is a shelter for homeless I currently inter in the women and children section which is single women and also women with children. so please complete the assignment below its for my application at the university for my masters here’s a link to the shelter https://haloministry.org

Statement of Confidentiality: Mandated reporters are persons who, in the course of their work, may be privy to information that they are required to report to the appropriate enforcement agency. Social workers in the state of Maryland are mandated reporters, and must report any disclosure of suspected incidents of child abuse and neglect, included child sexual abuse. Salisbury University social work faculty and staff are required to report any suspected incidents of child abuse and neglect, whether or not the suspected incident was previously reported. Therefore, any disclosure (written or verbal) by students or prospective students of suspected incidents of child abuse and/or neglect will be immediately reported to the appropriate authorities.

Please prepare one detailed statement covering the questions below. Please do not omit any questions. Your statement should be a combined minimum of three (3) pages, no more than four (4) pages, typed, double-spaced, and in 12-point font. Please use the number and associated topic area (in bold and underlined) as headings when completing your personal statement.

  1. Critical Thinking and Social Work Knowledge:
    We all face challenges in our lives and our job as social workers is to help our clients address their problems. Please discuss a time when you, at your job/internship or in a volunteer capacity, worked to assist someone address a problem. Describe the individual’s problem. Discuss how you assisted them in addressing and resolving the problem as a professional or volunteer. Identify the specific skills and information you learned from your undergraduate social work education that aided you in addressing the problem. Identify the outcome of the problem and what you learned from the experience.
  2. Respect for Diversity:
    Write about your experiences working with diverse populations (religious, racial, ethnic, disability, socio-economic, gender, and sexual orientation differences). Which issues and populations do you find particularly challenging? How have you handled those challenges in the past, or what would you like to learn to handle those challenges more effectively in the future?  
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