ACC Hypotheses of External Disaster Questions

Q1- what is the responsibilities of these department during the disaster in a hospital??

Please write 3 to 5 each one

• hospital administration 

• communications 

• security 

• nursing administration 

• human resources 

• pharmacy 

• infection control

• respiratory therapy 

• engineering and maintenance

• laboratory 

• nutrition 

• laundry, cleaning, and waste management

Q2- For this question, I have to provide annual plan for the hypotheses of external disaster. 

we will use the file in the attachment to create the annual plan, and also create Drill (DR) exercise. There is a schedule and I want you to do the same and Write everything in the schedule that are needed. 

I am just going to write the Target audience, Exercise timeframe, and Location/venue. 

Q3- I want you to write the definition of the Start Triage please, and what each color means. 

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