CU Entrepreneurs Roadblocks Case Study

Where to begin or maybe I should just ask why to begin. Because honestly, what difference is it going to make if I tell you my story? OK. You know I quit my job, right? Decided to chase the dream. Follow my bliss. The plan was to develop my app so I don’t have to […]

FU Education and Training Needed to Work in The Field Of 3D Modeling Report

Provide a 1-2 page report on the life of a 3D modeler. Please provide answers to these points somewhere in the report. Education and training needed to work in the field of 3D modeling Potential companies and/or job opportunities for 3D modelers Options for career growth and advancement in the 3D modeling field Average pay […]

Director of Security of A Critical Infrastructure to The Risk Acceptance Presentation

PowerPoint #1: Prepare a briefing by the Director of Security of a critical infrastructure to the risk acceptance authority, explaining the challenge of critical infrastructure (decide which asset you will represent) protection and the overall request to create a policy that achieves maximal prevention and protection given limited resources.

CU Social Work Policy Practice Discussion

The Valley Community Center staff explains Competency #5: engage in policy practice. Staff members discuss how Jane Addams set a precedent of policy practice in social work. Since the beginning, social work has been committed to both individual well-being and social justice on a broader scale. This interlocking dual purpose has always given it a […]

SEU Data Information and Knowledge Discussion

I’m working on a management question and need support to help me learn. Watch the short video in the following link: Q: Differentiate between data, information, and knowledge.

Canadas Wildfires Have Been Unprecedented This Year Essay

Data can be used to tell incredible stories.  The company ‘chartr’ creates beautiful visualizations and distributes them in a newsletter to your email.  Check out their historical newsletters here: Chartr – Latest News letters and find one you find interesting.  Add an image of the chart to your post as well as a link to […]

MBA 4602 SU Management Sustainability and Global Leadership Discussion

 What were the three most important learnings for you personally in this course (Sustainability and Global Leadership)? Explain why these learnings are meaningful to you. 

BUS 661 UAGC Change During the Digital Platforms Implementation Paper

We have determined that change is inevitable and subject to a number of variables attributing to the success or failure of the change process. The Final Paper is an exploration of a change initiative that you have personally experienced or researched. The paper should demonstrate your knowledge of the change process through a comprehensive analysis […]

HRM 538 SU Counterproductive Work Behavior Discussion

I’m working on a management discussion question and need the explanation and answer to help me learn. Choose one CWB from the abuse against others category and one CWB from the production deviance category. Examine at least two possible causes of each CWB. Next, provide at least one example of the potential impact of each […]

MBA 4602 SU Business Practices an Exploration of A Corporation Essay

Find a B corporation that you identify with and explain what they do and why they received a B corporation certification based on their profile available on B Lab . to an external site. If you can’t think of a B corporation, you can search on the same website for companies under different categories