Activity: Sampling for the GSS

Figure out what year of the GSS your questions for your independent and dependent variables come from. (Note you can do this by Going to the search function and when finding your variables, off to the left it shows a green box for every year that the question was asked. ALL of your questions have to have been asked in the same year.)

Now go to: Links to an external site.

This document talks about the sampling of the GSS. The sampling design is NOT the same from year to year. Answer the following questions in the discussion forum.

This reading is BORING. And I don’t expect you to read the whole thing, just skim until you find the information for your year.

1. What year of the GSS are you using?

2. what is the sampling design for that year (note, if your year is not mentioned, then tell us about the previous year, it means they did not change the sampling design for your year)?

3. What is one pro and one con of the sampling method from your year? 

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