GCC Observation Gender Inequality Project

Gender Inequality

Sociologists have repeatedly shown representations of gender in the media support patriarchy and the “Beauty Myth”. Both patriarchy and the Beauty Myth create gender stratification.


Provide 2 examples of patriarchy or the Beauty Myth from any media source (YouTube, music videos, TV; magazines; film; posters, etc.).  You must provide an analysis explaining how your examples are evidence of the Beauty Myth and patriarchy.

To organize your analysis, use this format:

  1. The image
  2. The symbolism of the image
  3. Why this is an example of gender inequality



On the TV program, Two and a Half Men, women are portrayed in limited ways: as a virgin (the good girl); the whore (the “hot” chicks who indiscriminately sleep with Charlie); the “crazy” female (Rose – the neighbor); and the crone – old women who are not sexual creatures (Mother, the maid).


This portrayal of women values and ranks them on a scale of potential sex partners – with potential partners ranking as high status / value and women who are not potential sex partners as low status / value. For example, Charlie has multiple female sex partners – many of which were one-night-stands; Charlie’s brother had difficulty finding a “normal” woman and consistently deals with his ex-wife who is aggressive and at one time becomes a lesbian; and their mother who is portrayed as a hag.

Gender Inequality 

This is an example of patriarchy. Women are defined in relationship to men on this show. This creates a power dimension where women are below men. It also is an example of the Beauty Myth as the women the men are interested in are bound to beauty and are not valued as whole people. When groups are placed in a hierarchy, this is inequality. 

Your observation should be written as above—each paragraph should be titled accordingly (Image; Symbolism; Gender Inequality) with a brief discussion explaining why you think it fits this category. You may not use my words, my ideas, or my examples. 

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