American Military University Journal Reflection Essay

Assignment Prompt:

What are the distinctions in sociology between the terms sex and gender? What importance does the differentiation between the terms have in modern society? Also discuss gender stratification and provide examples of gender stratification from the U.S. or other societies. Find a recent news piece (within the last year) related to gender or provide an example of how gender is portrayed in the media (such as advertisements shown on Share a link to your selected source or image and describe the connection to the course topics this week (such as sexism or gender roles). How is gender typically depicted in the media? What has impacted your beliefs about gender in your everyday life? How has the perception of gender changed in society?

Purpose:The purpose of this assignment is to allow for reflection on the course topics and their connection to everyday life.

Instructions (please read this in its entirety):

Be sure to mention the topic you select in your Introduction paragraph. Do NOT copy and paste the question, as we don’t do that in college papers.

Respond to ALL the questions for the selected option and share a reflection on the topic. Consider the course materials in your reflection as well, focusing on a sociological analysis of the topic in society. In this, course materials need to be cited, per APA 7th ed. format, and appear on the References page. Also share what has potentially impacted your views on those topics.

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