USC Normalization of Micro Aggression Memorandum

We examined the concept of ‘Microagressions,’ which can occur on the basis of race/ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality, nationality, and so on. At first blush, microaggressions might be seen as instances of one individual saying something to another that is offensive, to a greater or lessor extent. So in that sense, what separates microagressions from the typical social faux pas in which someone says something we’d consider to be in bad taste? In your response explore what might make microagressions seem something more than just individual infractions.

You response should include considerable reflection on the pertinent course terms and concepts.

  • You must  cite a minimum of 3 scholarly sources– news media articles do not count      as scholarly sources, only peer reviewed journals, books, etc.
  • You must  cite all sources clearly and consistently, regardless of the citation      style you choose be sure to keep it consistent.
  • You must  include a works cited (not part of the word count) at the end.
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