Appraisal Synopsis

1) Read the article. (attached)

2) Critically appraise the article using the following components.

Components of Appraisal Synopsis:

      • What was the purpose of the study (research questions, purposes, and hypotheses)?
      • What was the study design?
      • How was the sample obtained?
      • What inclusion or exclusion criteria were used?
      • Who from the sample actually participated or contributed data? Was the sample size adequate? Explain.
      • What methods were used to collect data (e.g. sequence of events, timing, types of data, and measures)?
      • Was an intervention /treatment/clinical protocol tested? Explain.
      • What data analysis methods were used?
      • What were the main findings of this study?
      • Was this a credible study? Why? Why not?

3) Write a 3-page narrative plus the title, abstract (for your written paper), and reference page. Use APA format.

      • Title page
      • Abstract
      • Heading: Purpose
      • Heading: Methods
        • Subheading: Study Design
        • Subheading: Sample/Sampling Methods
        • Subheading: Instruments/Measurements/Tools
        • Subheading: Data Analysis
      • Heading: Major Findings
      • Heading: Credibility
      • Reference page
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